In the words of Chuck Smith, Charisma is a beautiful, natural anointing of God's Spirit upon a person's life, enabling him or her to do the work of God. Charismania is a fleshly endeavor to imitate charisma. It is any human effort to do the work of the Spirit in the energy or ability of the flesh. These displays of charismania take on many forms and always draw attention to the person rather than to Jesus Christ. This book points out the many abuses in the operation of the gifts of the Spirit occurring in the church today, much of which is passed off as a genuine moving of the Spirit but is nothing more than the flesh magnifying itself. There is a wide-spread movement of emotionally-based Christianity. We thank God for the life that the Holy Spirit brings into the church, however we feel that the Pentecostal movement is sadly lacking in a solid foundation in the Word, and thus is prone to follow every wind of doctrine and sleight cunning of men, of which there are many, and

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