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I love the way music has effected people all throughout history. I have personally always been greatly moved by music. Song writing has always been a creative outlet for me. It brings me to a place that helps me put into words what I'm thinking, or feeling, and seems to block out everything else.

Often times, when I can't think of the right way to communicate things I remind myself, This is why I write songs, it gives me a chance to think of what I'm trying to say, and a better, hopefully more profound way of saying it.

But song writing is a lot more to me than just an emotional outlet. As a christian, as a sinner who has been saved by grace, my personal conviction is that I have a great responsibility to be honest and real before people. What better chance do I have as a musician and a follower of Christ, than to live that out even through my writing God doesnt want perfect, robotic people. Nor does he ask us to clean ourselves up before we come to him, he just wants us to be real before him. So whether I write about the most amazing and exciting experiences of my life, the most difficult and depressing times, or simply a song about things I see around me, I want to be honest no matter what form of writing I take. The difficult part about songwriting is when Im given a platform, I dont wanna waste time singing trite songs that I dont truly mean, believe or that my heart isnt behind.

With that said, my dad (Scott Cunningham) I had a hard time choosing which songs to put on this record. The 11 that we chose seem to all have a similar theme of what this album is all about. Authenticity.

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